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The New Conspirators – a more complete profile

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The New Conspirators…What in the World is God Doing?

What in the world is God doing? God is conspiring through a new generation to re-imagine and create new expressions of discipleship, community, church and mission to make a difference in our rapidly changing world. While God is indeed conspiring through a new generation, this gathering is an invitation for those from all generations to become much more a part of God’s conspiracy of compassion and creativity.

We are racing into an increasingly uncertain global future, in which the middle class, our poorest neighbors and our planet will face daunting new challenges. In this festival of imagination, we will invite you to create innovative ways to engage these challenges that reflect something of God’s new order…with the new conspirators.

Join us for this festival of imagination and spend time with those on the innovative edge who are creating new forms of life, church, mission and celebration. We will bring together leaders from the emerging, missional, mosaic and monastic streams of renewal to explore new models, discuss tough questions and create new ways we can be a difference and make a difference in our own churches, communities and God’s world. To preview what God is doing through these four streams, go to and search for “The New Conspirators.”

As far as we know, this is the first time that such a broad range of new conspirators from these four streams have come together to communicate, connect and create with one another and with the friends who join us.

We have three very clear goals for this festival of imagination:

1. to communicate creative models of what new conspirators are doing to address the new challenges;

2. to connect leaders from all four streams in order to share lives, stories and concerns;

3. to create new ways to advance God’s new order in our world, in our lives and in our churches, in response to the growing challenges facing the poor and the planet.

This event is sponsored by Mustard Seed Associates. Our partners include: Emergent Village, Mars Hill Graduate School, Northwest Hot House and Trinity Lutheran Church. Course credit is available from George Fox Evangelical Seminary and Northwest University.


The New Conspirators: What in the world is God doing?
Join us at Bethany Community Church in Seattle, WA
February 28, 29 and March 1, 2008 and find out.

Come imagine new ways to give expression to God’s kingdom in a changing world:

· Experience the creativity of Shane Claiborne, author of The Irresistible Revolution and co-author of Jesus for President, and his companions at The Simple Way as they help their Philadelphia community rebuild after a destructive fire

· Join Karen Ward and her friends as they celebrate their faith at the Church of the Apostles in Seattle and the Fremont Abbey Arts Center

· Learn how Sanctuary Covenant Church, a multicultural congregation led by Efrem Smith, co-author of The Hip Hop Church, is making a difference in Minneapolis

· Join Mark Scandrette, author of Soul Graffiti, in re-imagining what it means to be a disciple of Jesus in San Francisco

· Discover with Julie Clawson how God is raising up emerging women to re-invent the church

· Celebrate with Tomas Yaccino what God is doing through a new generation of missional leaders in Latin America

· Learn how to create more missional churches with Tim Morey from Life Covenant in Torrance, CA

· Imagine with Mark Pierson, co-author of The Prodigal Project, how to create ancient/future forms of celebrations and worship for both traditional churches and new expressions

· Imagine new forms of social entrepreneurship with Devin Erhardt of Pura Vida Coffee

· Meet those who are fashioning emerging expressions of church with Dwight Friesen of Mars Hill Graduate School

· Travel with Romanita Hairston, from World Vision, to visit urban churches that are finding a way to make a difference in tough places

· Join Mark Van Steenwyk in creating a monastic community of Jesus Radicals in Minneapolis

· Learn with pastor Eugene Cho about the flourishing of Quest here in Seattle

· Discover with Andrew McLeod how to create economic coops in uncertain times

· Explore with Lisa Domke how to make choices as we race into the 2008 US presidential election

· Learn with Eileen Hansen how to grow new mustard expressions in a traditional Church

· Learn how to find resources to fund creative new ventures with Tom Balke

· Imagine how to be friars in the 21st century with Mike Morris from Britain

· Create spiritual practices for those in emerging and traditional churches with Bruce Bishop

· Imagine with Melanie and Jonathan Neufeld innovative ways churches can provide leadership in urban transformation

· Join Ricci Kilmer and Eliacin Rosario-Cruz in beginning the revolution at home

· Discover with Christine Sine, author of Godspace and co-author of Living On Purpose, how to create a liturgy of life

· Imagine with Tom Sine, author of The New Conspirators: Creating the Future One Mustard Seed at a Time, how to create missional whole-life faith and whole-life communities for uncertain times

Join new friends at this festival imagination to communicate, connect and create to what God is doing through this quiet conspiracy. REGISTER TODAY!!! LIMITED SPACE