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Mustard Seed Associates (MSA) is a small non profit organization that seeks to raise awareness of challenges that Christians will face in their lives, churches & communities in the future. It is unique in that it is a crossroads, grassroots organization – connecting people across generations, denominations and cultures and encouraging them to become cultural creatives. MSA is unusual in that we encourage people to become contemplative activists. We want to foster spirituality and innovation that enable Christians to create new ways to both be a difference and make a difference in order to advance God’s kingdom purposes and engage tomorrow’s challenges.

Our mission statement is: Believing God is changing the world through mustard seeds- the seemingly insignificant- MSA seeks to unleash the creative potential of ordinary people to make a difference in their communities and a world of urgent need.

Join us in creating the future one mustard seed at a time


One Response to “About MSA”

  1. Brian Wolters Says:

    Hello, I am wondering if I can attend this event with at a significantly lowered cost?!
    My situation is that I am unemployed right now and am taking graduate classes and don’t have much money. With my time being jobless, I’ve been considering dreams and passions and my passions fall along the lines of serving in a capacity to connect people through communities. Christian communities in particular need major assistance with this, and I’m wondering if I could actually find a job or career somehow related to this effort. Attending this conference could help me identify opportunities.
    Do you need volunteers? Coincidently I am a member of Bethany Community Church as well.


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