Blogging from the New Conspirators Festival

Follow the Festival of Imagination through the eyes, mind and heart of the following bloggers –

  • Eliacin will be posting updates and hopefully photos at Kingdom Praxis.

More will be added to the list during the weekend.

Update: You can see some photos of the event here.


2 Responses to “Blogging from the New Conspirators Festival”

  1. Lynn Likkel Says:

    The Conference was a real high for me. Let me explain. I’m pastoring in a 100 yr old church right now after being involved in church plantings almost all of my adult life (I’ve helped plant 3 new churches). I feel sometimes like people almost don’t believe any more in the established church that God can transform lives. I needed the conference to remind me that there is an incarnational presence in the world and that God is still working miracles. I LOVED the fact that most of the speakers were younger than I am and that I could palpably feel the presence of the Holy Spirit at the conference. I LOVEd the humility I saw. I LOVED the worship.

    I’m particularly thankful that I got to experience Shane Claibourne and Effrem Smith. I work in the inner city and racism is an ever present and ugly reality that I find most of us white folks don’t think much about. The fact that white privilege is real is reflected in that very thing, that we don’t have to think about it. We don’t live in the double consciousness that all minorities and non-white ethnicities have to maneuver. Poverty and gangs are rampant in our inner cities. In the community surrounding where I work there were 26 murders last year.

    Thank you for the truth spoken at this conference and for the way it reinvigorated me for the work I’m called to do.

    Blessings as you think ahead to the next conference.

  2. Are there CD’s of the event avaialable?

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